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Block scoping with let and const

@skip the bullshit @scroll to examples Since JavaScript was created we have only one way to declare variable – with a var statement. var huncode = ‘Someone who writes fast and damn simple code’; It vas several problems with var: If run outside function statements it declares in global namespace (developers writes couple of petabytes […]

Docker Mail Server

As simple as install docker component on your server. Previously I’ve used laa/dockermail but after switched to more simple docker container with docker-compose Let’s go: Install docker on your server; And install docker-compose after; Create new folder for your mailserver configuration mkdir -p ~/config/mail Create docker-compose.yml inside created folder touch ~/config/mail/docker-compose.yml Put configuration inside […]

Fetch API Guide. Javascript Asynchronous request in 2018.

I still see many questions about AJAX, asynchronous callbacks and closures inside them on stackoverflow. @skip bulshit @example of usage But now Fetch API appears on scene! What is Fetch API It’s a high level API already implemented in all browsers (that real users, not bots, use): IE Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Android Browser […]